Desert of the Real

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Taken @ 3AM in 5B, a psychiatric ward. I think these photos represent how I felt quite often, that no prescribed drug could ever really fix me. And I was scared. I just kept telling the doctors and nurses that I wanted to be with my father, who passed Dec 2012.

In a way I’m glad I kept these shots. I’m not a Selfie Queen, but I believe the
camera can often catch what people don’t see. And lying in my bed I tried to forget both the past and the future, the latter of which I didn’t want anymore.


Aaron Paul has now received three Emmys for portraying the same character, one of only a tiny group of actors to ever do so.

Bryan Cranston also had this distinction but no longer does.

Because Bryan Cranston now has four.

Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul are now two of the most critically acclaimed, record-breaking television actors of all time.

my heart.

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